You can choose a doctor according to your needs and how comfortable you feel with a particular doctor. We enlist only the best doctors in their fields. Even though all the doctors on our portal are at the top in their line, you can decide which doctor you are comfortable with as infertility is a very sensitive issue and we at velar want you to feel as comfortable as possible while talking about it to the doctor. And team velar is committed to finding the right doctor and giving you exclusive guidance to find the doctor.


We offer free fertility consultation to all our patients, as at Velar - it is our prime focus to keep patients informed about what to expect when moving forward with their selected Infertility treatment option. Our goal via providing this free consultation is to help assess the needs of our patients with personal guidance & support from top doctors & also it is a great way to see if the specialist is a good fit for you or not based on your preferences.


Velar team, passionately emphasize your family-building goals & priorities and while you progress with your parenthood journey with a perfectly suited treatment plan, our professionals will help you embrace patience & ongoing support will be a part and parcel of the delivery of quality care.


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