What Type Of Infertility Treatment Should I Start With?

What Type Of Infertility Treatment Should I Start With?

Wondering what type of infertility treatment will suit you the best and with what type of infertility treatment you should start with? Well, all your concerns about the quoted question are addressed in the following content. Grab your favorite beverage, relax and read the content ahead briefly to understand everything about infertility and its various types of treatments.

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What Is Infertility?

Before we begin with the types of infertility treatment it is important to understand the term “infertility” briefly. Infertility is the inability to conceive naturally after trying for more than a year. Infertility is caused by several reasons that are either hereditary or lifestyle factors or a combination of both.

Sometimes infertility is also caused due to physical or physiological injury. Infertility can also be a consequence of other diseases e.g. cancer, etc. Thus, the causes of infertility are endless as each person’s case is unique. But do not get overwhelmed as there are plenty of fertility treatments to choose from, the one that resolves your condition the best.

What Are The Types Of Infertility Treatments?

Infertility treatments are broadly classified into three groups, which are as follows:

1. Medications

Various hormonal/non-hormonal medications and their combinations are employed to enhance sperm motility and production in men and improve ovulation and also treat conditions like PCOS etc. that could be acting as an obstruction in one’s fertility.

2. Surgery

Surgical techniques are performed to treat infertility problems caused due to an impaired organ. Blockage in fallopian tubes, endometriosis (a uterine illness), fibroids, PCOS, and epididymis blockage in men (sperm production blockage) are all successful surgical methods.

3. Assisted reproductive technology

The methods of ART have proven highly effective in cases of severe infertility. The following ART procedures are most widely use:

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), a treatment in which sperm is directly injected into the uterus using a thin plastic tube introduced through the cervix. Healthy sperm with the best motility are chosen for this approach.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the process of fertilizing an egg outside of the uterus in a laboratory, where healthy sperm are fused with healthy eggs to bring about its fertilization, which is followed by the transfer of the resulting embryo in the uterus for a successful pregnancy. 

Intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI) is a method of fertilization that includes injecting a single, high-quality sperm into a mature, viable egg.

Which Type Of Infertility Treatment Should I Begin With?

The answer to this question is highly subjective as each patient’s cause of infertility and medical condition is different. Thus, a thorough and detailed consultation with a fertility specialist will help you more to determine the type of infertility treatment you should start with.

Depending on the severity of infertility, your treatment can range from being on medication to ART procedures. Thus, the initial step towards infertility treatment is to determine the cause of it and then correcting that either through medications or through surgeries or various ART techniques.

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