Surrogacy in Navi Mumbai

Surrogacy in Navi Mumbai

Surrogacy Clinics in Navi Mumbai is synonymous with success. To enjoy the life of parenthood, the intended couple must explore the best treatment options available to them. Whether you are a single parent, or if you and your partner cannot conceive naturally, surrogacy might be the right solution for you. If you are interested in surrogacy, this article will provide you with required advice and support in acquiring a guaranteed surrogacy program in Navi-Mumbai that is a safe and secure way to become a parent.

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List of Best Surrogacy Clinics in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is becoming a popular choice for intended couples to avail high-quality treatment that is at par with international standards. The experts that specialise in infertility treatment design the treatment plans that are extensively researched and backed by high success rates, which makes it a safe choice for intended couples. They maintain highest standards of service as well, not only assisting the intended couple in finding the right surrogate, but all the risks involved and the financial costs in bearing the pregnancy is thoroughly discussed. Navi Mumbai being an accessible hub for medical tourism, offers the most exemplary and top-notch treatment options in the country.

Surrogacy Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Couples and individuals that intend to opt for surrogacy must thoroughly research before making an informed decision. As surrogacy involves a lot of legal and medical complications, the intended couple should bear in mind important parameters such as the doctor’s qualification, additional costs, legal implications in going ahead with the program and the ethical practises of the surrogacy centres in Navi Mumbai. Centres in Navi Mumbai assist in self-surrogacy, surrogacy with frozen embryos, assured surrogacy, donor surrogacy, IUI, IVF, surrogacy for single intended parent and even HIV positive individuals. Priority is given to your specific requirements and is a team effort between the surrogate, intended couple and the working professionals.

Cost of Surrogacy in Navi Mumbai

The surrogacy centres in Navi Mumbai offer economical options for intended couples or individuals coming from all types of different background. If you are worried that the cost of surrogacy will be a major pinch in your packet, then you must contact the surrogacy centre and book a consultation to discuss the options available to you. The surrogacy centres in Navi Mumbai understand that since the costs incurred are a substantial investment, and is an emotional journey for the intended parents, cost-effective packages are designed in order to make it accessible to any person that desires to opt for surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in Navi Mumbai usually ranges from 12 to 20 lakhs and depends upon the type of program you choose, medical expenses and other variable factors that affect your individual case.

Surrogacy Laws in Navi Mumbai

It is advisable to talk to a surrogacy lawyer having relevant experience in the field that can offer you the best advice and prevent you from suffering serious legal consequences. The surrogacy laws also vary from place to place, so you must discuss the restrictions and the laws that regulate the surrogacy centres along with their established ethical standards. Commercial surrogacy can only be allowed in the case of proven infertility.


  1. When are assured surrogacy packages preferred?

Sometimes age can be a deciding factor, where assured packages are offered to couples with three donor cycles. However, in other cases, the couple is able to produce viable gametes, but other factors prevent pregnancy, such as the inability of the uterus to carry pregnancy. Assured surrogacy package is an option for such couples.


My husband and I were frustrated with unsuccessful attempts at IVF and it is then that we made a decision to choose an assured surrogacy program with a surrogacy centre in Navi Mumbai. At first, we were not very sure, but as time passed, we grew confident and hopeful. The medical professionals helped us through the journey at every step of the way and made us feel that our needs were being met and prioritised. Their commitment made it possible for me to experience the bliss of motherhood.”

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