Lifestyle Choices to Boost your Fertility

Lifestyle Choices to Boost your Fertility

A healthy lifestyle is viable in today’s fast-paced, modern world. Lifestyle choices can reflect who you are and help you carve a place in this world. Lifestyle is an indicator of wealth, status and fame. Besides, how you live your life can also impact your monthly cycle or virility. Limit your caffeine intake, stop smoking cigarettes and quit other unhealthy habits to boost your fertility and enjoy a healthier life. Superfoods are a great initiative to improve fertility. Superfoods even in small amounts are packed with nutrition and health benefits. Exercise as much as possible to improve cardiovascular health and reproductive health. Planning your diet works wonders for fertility and adding certain foods such as legumes, beans, lentils, etc. to your diet can boost fertility. Sleep is a simple way to get more fertile. Quality beauty sleep is really the elixir to a more fertile existence. Given below are a few lifestyle choices you can make to improve fertility.

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Have a Big Breakfast

A bigger breakfast may help women who struggle with fertility. According to a study, eating a bigger breakfast improves fertility in women who have PCOS. You can balance a king-sized breakfast with a smaller meal later in the day to avoid weight gain. You can look at various healthy breakfast options online.

Add More Fiber to your Diet

Fiber is a good way to boost fertility. Consuming fiber removes excess hormones and balances blood sugar levels leading to a feeling of good health and well-being. Sources of fiber are avocados, sweet potatoes and fruit. One study says that women who eat more cereal fiber have a 44% lower chance of getting ovulatory infertility.

Try Fruits and Herbs

Citrus fruits are likely to increase fertility in women and semen health in men. You can add more slices of fruit to your daily diet or try making juices and smoothies to get more nutrition. Herbs such as cuscutae, Chinese Angelica and Goji berries have key nutrients that improve fertility. Consult a herbalist to know more about the healing effects of herbs. A research paper found that men who ate walnuts had fewer abnormalities in their semen sample than a control group who did not eat walnuts. You can add a handful of walnuts to your diet to reap the benefits of this superfood.

Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and yoga are very important for fertility. Yoga can calm the body, soothe the mind and normalize body temperature. Yoga will also rejuvenate your body and mind during stressful times and improve circulation and hormonal balance. Moderate exercise increases fertility in women and men.

Avoid Too Much Exercise and Air Pollution

Avoid overexercising as this can reduce fertility. Toxins in the environment in the form of pollutants, pesticides, dry-cleaning solvents, etc. can also impact your fertility. A study found that air pollution increases the chances of infertility by affecting the number of maturing eggs in the ovaries. Avoiding overexercise and pollution are sensible ways to boost fertility.

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