How C-Section Scar Defects Can Cause Infertility

How C-Section Scar Defects Can Cause Infertility

Several women are unable to give birth vaginally due to a number of medical reasons. In such cases, the surgeon performs an emergency delivery through a surgery called a cesarean section often referred to as a C-section. A complication of C-section is a C-section scar defect.

It has been seen that several women have trouble conceiving their second child post-C-section. This prompted a succession of inquiries, the most common of which was whether the issue was caused by a C-section or not. The answer to both of these queries is yes. Read ahead to find out more

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What Is A C-Section?

A C-section, also known as cesarean delivery, is a surgical delivery of a baby in which an incision is made in the uterus and the abdomen of the pregnant woman. C-sections, while normally considered safe, the procedure does carry more risks than vaginal births including the C-section scar defect. C-sections, which are commonly performed due to pregnancy difficulties, create a scar in the uterus that can either prevent or trigger symptoms that impair fertility. This surgery is a complex one and hence requires utmost care.

What Is A C-Section Scar Defect & How Does It Cause Infertility?

As a C-section involves an incision, when it is not properly healed, a severe scar occurs. When a pouch develops over it, it is called a C-section scar defect. It is problematic when the defect becomes a pouch called isthmocele, and gathers fluid or blood. When old menstrual blood gets stuck in the isthmocele and uterine cavity, it causes an inflammatory response in the uterus, which makes it difficult for embryos to implant. The existence of a “niche” at the site of a Cesarean delivery scar—is increasing.

Damage to the reproductive organ might result in secondary infertility. As mentioned earlier, Infertility due to C-section occurs when the scar is not entirely healed. The presence of a C-section scar defect “niche” is linked to future reproductive issues such as the requirement for a C-section in later pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy in the scar, miscarriage, probability of having a womb rupture in a subsequent pregnancy, and secondary infertility.

Secondary infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after having already given birth to one child. According to a British study, 30% of women who had a C-section are unable to conceive another child.

How To Check For C-Section Scar Defects?

When an incision is made, scarring is common. The difficulty arises when the scar does not heal properly. If a woman’s C-section scar does not heal properly, she may experience certain symptoms. Look out for the following symptoms and contact your health specialist immediately.

  1. Irregular menstrual cycles that are painful Bleeding
  2.  Discomfort in the pelvis region
  3. Discharge from the cervix

Hence, women who are experiencing unexplained bleeding or pain, or who are having difficulty conceiving following a cesarean section, should consult a professional. Typically, your doctor may prescribe various diagnostic and reproductive tests as part of your check, during which the pouch will be extensively examined for any abnormalities.

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