Drinking and Infertility in Male and Female

Drinking and Infertility in Male and Female

Many patients question if they may drink alcohol while undergoing fertility treatments or attempting to conceive, and if so, how much is safe. Most doctors advise against consuming alcohol while trying to conceive, especially if you are experiencing infertility. In this article we will attempt to understand the relation between drinking and infertility in male and female.

When it comes to alcohol and fertility, the woman is frequently the focus of attention. We’ve all heard about the dangers of drinking while pregnant, but what about before? What is the impact of alcohol on male fertility? Is this a significant issue? Is it really necessary to be concerned?

Both men and women’s fertility can be harmed by alcohol consumption. Even a small amount of alcohol might lower the chances of becoming pregnant. Heavy drinking lengthens the time it takes to become pregnant and lowers the likelihood of having a healthy baby. Even in little doses, alcohol can have a negative impact on your sexual health. In both men and women, it can cause libido loss and infertility.

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Drinking And Infertility In Men

Heavy drinking reduces sperm production in men by:

  • reducing testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone levels and boosting oestrogen levels which affects sperm production
  • causing impotence or infertility by shrinking the testes
  • affecting sperm production by altering gonadotropin release
  • causing early ejaculation or reduced ejaculation
  • causing healthy sperm to change shape, size, and movement

In addition, combining marijuana or opiates with alcohol reduces fertility. Furthermore, liver illness induced by heavy drinking might affect the quality of sperm.

Furthermore, new animal and human research suggest that alcohol consumption throughout early development and later in life causes DNA alterations. As a result, alcohol use disorder and other hereditary health issues may develop. However, further study is needed to validate this link.

The good news is that the negative consequences can be reversed. According to one study, if alcohol intake is stopped, healthy sperm production takes three months to recover.

Drinking And Infertility In Women

Drinking alcohol around the time of ovulation might make it more difficult to conceive. Furthermore, many alcoholic beverages include a lot of sugar, and too much sugar in your body can mess with your hormone levels, alter insulin, create infections, and leave you deficient in vitamins.

Alcohol also has an effect on the adrenal glands, which control hormones, which can result in poor egg quality and reduced sex desire.

According to a recent study, heavy drinking can reduce female fertility by:

  • interfering with the menstrual cycle and ovulation, causing changes in ovarian function known as amenorrhea and anovulation, respectively;
  • altering testosterone, oestradiol, and luteinizing hormone levels; and
  • causing hyperprolactinemia (high prolactin in the blood)

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is also hazardous, according to studies. One example of a side effect is foetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

How To Boost Fertility?

A healthy lifestyle is an important component in increasing fertility. Excessive drinking, stress, anxiety, obesity, and smoking may all be detrimental to your health and fertility. You can maintain health by:

  • controlling your weight
  • eating a nutritious food
  • starting a regular exercise program
  • practising self-care
  • stopping smoking and excessive drinking
  • managing any chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, or other problems
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