​IVF‌ ‌in‌ ‌Dombivli‌

​IVF‌ ‌in‌ ‌Dombivli‌

Are you struggling to conceive? Dreaming of starting a family of your own? Many couples who are willing to have their biological baby still struggle to become pregnant. With the team of fertility specialists in Dombivli, Mumbai, you can be assured of receiving the best possible care through assessment including identifying the causes of infertility. Beginning an IVF cycle is exciting as well as anxious for the intending parents. However, IVF centres in Dombivli are always there to handhold you through this entire process and make it completely stress-free. 

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Infertility Treatment & IVF Centres in Dombivli

IVF centres in Dombivli has state-of-the-art embryology laboratory with all the latest equipment required for the best results. The lab is maintained at the highest standards of cleanliness, temperature, storage, air purity, etc. to achieve the best results for the patients. 

At IVF clinics in Dombivli, the ultimate goal is to help couples have children. To enable this, a highly skilled team of specialist doctors works diligently by extending highly focused and customized services to their patients. The clinics ensure that the IVF treatment cycle includes a sequence of counseling sessions to prepare the patients for the road ahead. Their success rates are reflections of the depth of detail involved in every treatment plan.

IVF Treatment Cost in Dombivli

As compared to the other states, the IVF cost in Dombivli clinics is cost-effective. The average cost of IVF in Dombivli usually ranges from INR 90, 000 – INR 2, 00,000 onwards for one IVF cycle. The costs at IVF treatment are inclusive of all clinical investigations, medical procedures, including lab tests during the cycle, IVF doctor’s experience, success rates, injections, and prescribed medicines, and IVF clinic location. 

The IVF treatment cost can increase or decrease due to many factors like the patient’s previous health condition, the period of infertility, and type of infertility. Different IVF clinics in Dombivli offer different IVF treatment costs. The IVF cost in Dombivli might be lower than the IVF treatment cost in other metropolitan cities.

IVF Success Rate in Dombivli

The IVF success rate in Dombivli varies from 68% to 72%. However, the success rate of IVF treatment depends upon various factors such as the age of the couple, reproductive history, cause of infertility, type of embryo transfer, sperm quality, embryo status, lifestyle factors, lab quality, and technology, and doctor’s expertise. The IVF clinics are dedicated to helping childless couples to get a high success rate IVF treatment in the best IVF clinics cost-effectively.

Chances of success rate vary between patients, particularly according to the age of the maternal woman, but on average, about 30-40% of patients will have a baby after one attempt at standard IVF. The cumulative success rates can climb up to 60-70% if a frozen embryo transfer is done. 

List of Top IVF Clinics and Hospitals in Dombivli

IVF clinics in Dombivli have established a world-class laboratory that strictly follows the international quality standards and stays committed to delivering the best to its patients. 

List of Top IVF Doctors in Dombivli

We have an experienced team of professional gynecologists and embryologists in Dombivli who are committed to finding the best IVF treatment service, assuring continuity of care and the highest standards in medical care for you. 

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