Does The Chosen Sex Position Affect Fertility?

Does The Chosen Sex Position Affect Fertility?

When trying to get pregnant, several people, websites, books, and magazines, etc. tend to contribute bizarre tips which most of the time are not true and purely non-scientific. One such tip a trying couple often gets is to try various sex position to enhance fertility.

To simply address the above question, the answer is, no. A particular sex position does not affect an individual’s fertility as there are no firm scientific researches to stem this claim. While a sex position does not affect fertility, certain sex positions seem to assist more when trying to conceive as per several people’s experience.

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Which Sex Position Might Help In Conception?

While there are no scientific studies on the optimum sex positions for pregnancy, doctors claim that the missionary position is usually considered the best for conception. One can get pregnant by having intercourse in practically any position, but gravity-defying positions like sitting, standing, or woman on top may prevent sperm from flowing upstream. Hence the focus should be made to oppose these positions.

Another way a position may help is by facilitating the release of semen close to the cervix (the canal that links the vagina to the womb) to assist in a successful conception.

One approach to achieve this is to ensure that the penis penetrates deeply throughout the intercourse. Along with full penetration, two sex techniques are good for depositing sperm right at the cervix’s opening:

  1. Missionary position
  2. Penetration from behind, also popularly known as Doggy style

It’s All About The Right Time │ When & How Many Times To Have Sex To Conceive?

The only scientific and proven way is known to conceive successfully is to have intercourse during the fertility window. Most couples believe the sole important component is to have intercourse during ovulation. However, it is recommended that Couples who are attempting to conceive should have intercourse two to three days before ovulation and again afterward. This phase is referred to as the fertility window of a woman.

Once the egg is released from the ovaries, it lives only for 12 to 48 hours, thus, doctors advise couples to have intercourse two to three days previous to ovulation, as well as during and after ovulation, as these are the best days to conceive.

Most couples believe that conserving sperm until the female partner is ovulating is a good idea. This is entirely incorrect. One risk missing the fertile window if they wait until ovulation and miscalculate your ovulation day. Having sex every other day is the greatest way to make the most of the fertile period and increase your chances of conceiving.

Things To Avoid Post-Intercourse For Better Conception

No one doesn’t need to lie down the entire day with their legs raised up! It’s perfectly acceptable to get up after intercourse and go about your business. However, you may wish to avoid or at least postpone a couple of things such as douching and performing an extensive exercise.

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