Benefits and Drawbacks of Spermicides

Benefits and Drawbacks of Spermicides

With the advent of several advanced technologies, there are newer methods of effective birth control that are available other than the conventional methods of birth control. Spermicides are among one of them. Continue reading ahead to know more about spermicides.

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What Are Spermicides?

The word spermicide translates to the killing of sperm. Although it does not really “kill” the sperms instead it slows down its speed. Spermicide comes in the form of a gel, cream, foam, or suppository that is topically applied (a suppository is inserted) in the vagina or the cervix before sexual intercourse.

The spermicide creates an unfavorable environment for the sperm and thus, degrades them. In this way, the sperm are prevented from traveling up to the fallopian tube where it fuses with the egg and fertilization takes place. Hence, contraception through spermicides is achieved.

How To Use A Spermicide?

It’s usually a hassle-free process to insert spermicide into your vaginal canal – it’s similar to putting in a tampon or a menstrual cup.

Relax and get into a comfortable posture — you can stand with one foot on a chair, lie down, or squat — you can either use your fingers or the applicator that comes with the package to gently push the cream, film, foam, gel, or suppository deep into your vagina. Spermicide is often used with the diaphragm to maximize the diaphragm’s efficiency.

What Are The Benefits Of A Spermicide?

There are several benefits of a spermicide when compared to other types of birth control methods.

1. Economical and easy to get

Spermicides are pretty inexpensive when compared to other birth control methods. One tube of spermicide goes a long way. One does not require a prescription for it, and it’s available at most drugstores and supermarkets.

2. It is hormone-free

Many people cannot use hormone-based birth control methods and hence spermicide is suitable for such people. As it has no hormones, the side effects are minimal and it does not interfere with the menstrual cycle.

3. No interruption during intercourse

As it is applied mostly in the form of gel or cream, there is no barrier between the partners and hence, one gets the freedom of uninterrupted intercourse.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Spermicide?

As every coin has two sides, there are some drawbacks of a spermicide which are as follows:

1. Repetitive use

To get the best results from spermicide, one needs to use it every time having intercourse. This can become strenuous.

2. Side effects

 Nonoxynol-9 is one of the chemicals present in a spermicide. This can irritate delicate vaginal tissues, especially if used frequently. Irritation raises one’s risk of HIV and other STDs. Furthermore, spermicide can cause allergic reactions too.

3. Ineffective against prevention from STDs

Spermicide does not protect from STDs. Furthermore, taking spermicide daily can raise your risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as mentioned earlier.

Thus, it is advised to not completely rely on spermicides and find out more options that suit you and your partner more!

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